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Certified Arborist

     Thefocus of Olson Tree Care in West Des Moines, Iowa is on ANSI Standards provided through ISA/TCIA Training and Certification. These standards are carried out with Best Management Practices taking every precaution to implement a plan of success for you and your trees.

Certified Tree Care 

       Developing a Tree Care Plan is critical to identify the value, vitality, age and improvable areas of a Tree. The Tree Evaluation Assessment by Certified Arboriculturist Chris Olson will determine species, health, age, target and aesthetics needs. 

       Our Tree Care Plans consist of plant health care in combination with the latest care techniques. Following this plan of action will assist the tree, limit stress, while also addressing the needs of the Tree Owner. Balancing the needs of the Tree and Owner are required for a properly functioning symbiotic relationship.



       Experience is 1 important part to our success. Having observational data from tens of thousands of tree failures allows a diverse background. While other companies may boast about having the biggest equipment and most employees, we at Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, IA would rather boast our record, process, education, accreditations and research.

       Determining the methodology requires a wide data set to develop and execute the Tree Care Plan. This can be reflected through use of restraint, limiting cuts preventing stress and placing more educated cuts that maximize a Tree Vitality. Cutting more tree parts is a cheaper endeavor than educated tree cuts and biomass removal does not assist Tree Vitality. Removing a whole branch takes 1 cut while distributed cuts for optimum health and specificity require many cuts by a Certified Arborist.


       Sterilization and the correct use of equipment is key to limiting disease spread in Iowa. Due to our wet and cool environment, Fungi and Bacteria thrive and often fungal pathogens can be spread from Tree to Tree by cutting tools.

        Trees are Living Organisms, under intense micro organism attack that increases as they mature. One might say that more dead wood and damage a Tree has, the more wood decay fungi may spread. Fungi can also be spread through insects, which is the need for hiring a ISA Certified Arboriculturist with experience, education and intelligence. Following the Code of Ethics Olson Tree Care strives to put trees and their Owners interests first in all we do.

       Our goal is to leave you happy and the tree even happier. Often Tree Care success or failure, in the eye of the Tree Owner, is determined by Aesthetics.

       Unfortunately pruning for aesthetics leaves a tree open to cultural influences that are not be healthy for the life of the tree. In Iowa, aggressive removal of tree parts has went unchecked for decades, hidden by a stable growing environment. As drought and inclement weather continues to increase in intensity here in the midwest, these aggressive practices will lead to tree damage.

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