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ISA Certified Arborist Des Moines, Iowa
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Des Moines, Iowa
Arborist Des Moines, Iowa
Olson Tree Care

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Arborist Chris Olson

Tree Trimming in Des Moines

Often while Trimming Trees in Des Moines we have heard some amazing statements presented as "fact" about trees. While we do not declare that these statements are true, they have helped us and others view trees in higher esteem, pondering their uses beyond the normal shade/windbreak uses. We hope it helps you think outside of the box and please remember these are secondhand accounts and a simple Google search will most likely make you more knowledgable on the subject than we are.

- Someone once told me that they had read a study done about the bound combined power making up a tree. In this study it was found that 1 large tree harnesses more energy than the entire life of the sun combined. "Huh? I said". It was repeated to me that the study stated that the energy is in the tree, we have yet to understand how to harness or release it. That conversation has lingered with me and through my Tree Trimming in Des Moines I have often taken time to compare notes.

One important area of study in Tree Science relates to respiration and how through the burning of photosynthates a tree fuels all biological growth with the energy released through respiration. This stored energy is one that can be released later in many different ways, often we re use grindings from the stump, accumulated after Removing a Tree in Des Moines, to feed other trees and as that material goes through the mineralization process is releases nitrogen and other nutrients. In addition to these facts studied it was a very small footnote that I remember stating "we do not yet know how the respiration process completely works" or something along those lines.

From what I have learned over the years about a trees ability to interact in countless ways on this planet I find it very plausible that the statement I was told is true.

We hope this tidbit from Olson Tree Care made your day a little more insightful.