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       Olson Tree Care is an outstanding Tree Service providing Greater Des Moines with a First Class Tree Service Education, Work Ethic and Reputation. We pride ourselves on offering Tree Science and Small Business values, allowing each Tree Owner to have the work done by the Certified Arborist and Business Owner. We care enough about you the customer to be a State Registered Business, Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator Company, ISA Certified Arborist (WE-12363A) and Insured-both for your and our protection. Please visit our Reviews, Certifications and Accreditations that speak of our standards and workmanship her in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Olson Family

We are a small family-owned company that has employed research-based practices, providing each customer with a tailored Tree Care Plan. It is our goal to develop a long term relationship that will be a benefit for years to come. 

       For over a decade Certified Arborist WE-12363A Chris Olson led the industry with his field study on the management and cultivation of the trees in Hardiness Zones 9a-10b. Returning to Zone 5 has been a joy as we visit the trees of our youth. We enjoy the challenges facing us in the Midwest such as EAB and Moisture inconsistencies caused by invasive pests and environmental changes. Our hope is that your particular need is met through the combination of education and work ethic that Certified Arborist Chris Olson provides. 

       We will care for your Trees with the same level of enthusiasm that we would for our own trees, providing you with the best available Tree Service in Des Moines, Iowa. As our Education and careers continue to evolve, we look forward to the future with excitement, dreaming of the impact we may have on our community. When it is all over we hope to have contributed amazing new insight into the Study of Arboriculture in the Midwest. Starting with, but not limited to, understanding the spread of EAB and methodically testing Integrated Pest Management options.

Tree Services offered in Des Moines, Iowa.

 High-speed disk with carbide teeth that grinds the stump into chips.

Removal of a Tree, due to Damage or Clearing, through Arboriculture techniques.

 Removal of parts of a tree to improve health, clearance or appearance.

 Treatment of common Iowa Tree Pests through Integrated Pest Management.

Arboriculture = The Cultivation, Management and Study of Trees.

Arborist = A Professional in the practice of Arboriculture 

        With the above said it is understood that an Arborist may be more advanced on any given subject. Often Arborists have areas of expertise i.e. Climbing, Diagnosis, Cultivations etc. While every Arborist is expected to be familiar with all subjects, mastery may only be in a few.

       We have been selected time and again for Tree Service in Des Moines. With First Class Training, World Renowned Accreditation's and a Family atmosphere, you can trust that we have your tree's best interest at heart. 

          Its no secret, We Love Trees!

         Often Tree Trimming in Des Moines can be 90% for the tree owners benefit and only 10% for the tree. If that is the case, what are some of the things we can do to help our tree, not ourselves?

          1. Trim only 1 to 2 times for the life of the tree. Excessive Tree Trimming may open tree's to the spread of Micro-organisms, pests, decay and reduce overall tree vigor leading to unwanted Tree Removal in Des Moines.

          2. Identify deficiencies and assist. Often trees require additional water for uptake, various amounts of nutrients or often times pest/insect mitigation to extend the life of the tree. Your local Certified Arborist in Des Moines can help with an evaluation.

          If you are looking for an Arborist to assist your trees, Certified Arborist Chris Olson may be the one for you. It is our desire to take care of your trees with the same level of detail and professionalism that we would on our own trees. We pride ourselves in giving every assignment our utmost attention and growing relationships of trust over time.  

Dependable Tree Service

If you are looking to have an Arborist who has 20 years in the industry work on your trees, you have come to the right place. This husband and wife team take pride in what they do making your next tree renovation, their top priority.

Licensed & Insured

With an ISA Certified Arborist on Staff and a long history of accreditations you are in good hands at Olson Tree Care. Insured, Accredited and Registered with the State, we provide worry free Arboriculture providing Tree Removal in Des Moines, Iowa.

Certified Arborist

With Education ongoing we have your best interest in mind, with continued study of the latest in Arboriculture. Our vast study of the ANSI Standards and Testing in this area makes Olson Tree care the destination for personalized Tree Trimming in Des Moines, Iowa.

What our customers are saying

"It is not often you get and owner operated company with this level of service. Chris is personable and professional,  we will be having him back!"

Christine - Des Moines