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Diagnostic and Consulting Tree Care Arborist

       Olson Tree Care is a Local Small Business that employs research-based practices, revolving around the latest techniques in Arboriculture. ISA Board Certified Arboriculturist Chris Olson is the Arborist Des Moines calls upon possessing a First Class Education, high Visual Perception IQ and outstanding  reputation in Arboriculture.

       We care enough about you the customer to be ...

  • ISA Board Certified (WE-12363B)

  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)

  • State Licensed Residential and Commercial Pesticide Applicator Company

  • State Registered Contractor

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business 

  • State Certified Residential and Commercial Applicator

  • Tree Care Specialist TCIA Certificate Holder

  • Expert Forensic Analysis

  • Arboriculture Lecturer

  • Contactless Tree Care. Online services and contactless options are available upon request.

Expert Tree Care

Tree Trunk injection
Expert Tree Care with F Series by Arborjet

       For over a decade Chris Olson led the industry with his Field Study and Research providing observational conclusions assisting with real world outcomes in the world of Arboriculture. His current role as Arboriculturist has proven to be rewarding, the perfect fit, providing Iowa with a unique option in the world of research driven care

       Our hope is that your particular need is met through the combination of Education, Experience and Intelligence that our business model provides.  We will care for your trees with the same level of effort that we would use on our own trees, providing you with the best available Tree Care Des Moines, Iowa has to offer. There’s no need to Recycle trees when Preservation is Sustainable through scientifically proven techniques. As our CEU’s and Empirical data accumulate, we hope to provide a new logical theory to Arboricultural practices in Iowa.


Equipment, Education and Experience

Tree care all terrain lift and loader


Educational Training of Arborists


Tree Care Arborist in Tree Equipment


       Over the years we have developed several different Tree Services in different parts of the US, selling some and closing others. While some of those years were good, most of them were a grind and our passion for trees was replaced with the responsibility of managing people and babysitting a business.

       Developing “tree machines” that plow through bulk tree services took away from the desire we started with..... us, a tree and a tree owner. This relationship is the key to our happiness and is first and foremost in our latest adventure.

       In today’s adventure, the correct equipment, technique and experience is key. The ability to provide Advanced Tree Care is done by specialized equipment and techniques developed over a career. No more bulk labor.

       Re inventing yourself every five years is something we have done by instinct. The bondage of a large staff and payroll only takes away from the passion of trees that drew us to Arboriculture. With todays new business model we are able to focus on Education, Research and the love of trees. 


Tree Services

  • Aerial Inspection $350+

  • Foliar Analysis $85 per sample

  • Emerald Ash Borer  $165 (health evaluation required)

  • Tree Pruning Evaluation $165 (per tree)

  • Online Consultations $195

  • Tree Guards $40 per foot (Squirrel Tree Damage Mitigation)

  • Tree Growth Regulation, nutrient enhancement, root invigoration. (requires $165 health evaluation)

  • Tree Spraying ie needle cast, pest management (requires $165 health evaluation)

  • Tree Injection ie Oak Wilt, Micro Nutrient, Fire Blight (requires $165 health evaluation)

Arborist Services Des Moines, Iowa

What our customers are saying

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

We are so thankful we contacted Olson Tree Care about our trees! We couldn’t be more impressed with their professionalism followed by a thoughtful assessment and recommendation for our trees. It’s hard to find a true arboriculturist anymore and we are so glad we did!

Andrea- West Des Moines

Arborist over house in basket

Customer Photo

How Olson Tree Care Started

       Growing up out in the middle of nowhere our playground was a cornfield or that one remaining tree (no playground sets or swings in our childhood). Until our teen years we climbed that tree, made friends and had adventure after adventure in that tree. 

Tree Service in Des Moines

       Years later that tree is the one common thread, that my brother and I can trace back to, giving reason on how we both ended up as arboriculturists. While other friends went on to be Doctors or Teachers we both found ourselves drawn to trees in one way or another. 40+ years later we both have had separate careers in Arboriculture having put trees first for a long time. Maybe it has been a way to revisit our childhood and be in touch with the environment that we grew up in. Very simply put, trees feel like home. 

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