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Tree Pest Management


       Most common with Des Moines Arborists and Tree Services is the Basal Injection of insecticides is used for Emerald Ash Borer Treatments. Injections may also be used to introduce Micro Nutrients, that may be deficient, preventing the need of complete fertilizers which run the risk of increasing normal levels of Micro and Macro Nutrients to toxic or harmful levels. 

             These levels when too high can cause the death of your tree leading to Tree Removal in Des Moines, Iowa. Understanding ​the future of your Tree and Property are essential in choosing a Tree Management Plan. Often times when Olson Tree Care notifies a Tree Owner learns that EAB Trunk Injections may be required for the life of the tree, they decide that removal and replanting a more resilient tree to our environment may be more prudent. 

       These choices of Tree Pest Management are of personal preference and while removal of a tree may not be your first option, at times, removal may be the right option for you.

Foliar and Bark Treatment through Tree Spraying


       Tree Spraying while common to fruit trees preventing defoliation may also be used for feeding a tree with micro nutrients. These Micro nutrients may increase the trees vigor providing a more resilient tree to fight off pest attack. This combination of feeding and pesticide can often limit further treatments.

       Integrated Pest Managementis the use of many methods outside of and including the normal chemical treatments which may reduce pest populations and limit the use of chemicals that may prove harmful to the environment when not properly administered. It is said that over 90% of all Tree born illness is the result of malnutrition/dehydration and poor health. 

       Dehydration happens when nutrient levels of the soil are restricting of the trees ability to uptake proper amounts of nutrients and liquids which leads to reduced photosynthesis and leads to less carbohydrate reserves. These trees are a suitable host for a pest organism, finding candidates with a weak constitution easier to thrive upon. It is expected that an Arborist in Des Moines, Iowa considers the Best Management Practices that can be applied when it comes to Integrated Pest Management of our Trees.

       In addition to the above Treatments you may receive from a Tree Service in Des Moines, Iowa common Soil Pesticide Treatments are also often used to reduce populations of grubs which feed on small roots.  Often inIntegrated Pest Management one can focus on Nitrogen Feeding along with Root Invigoration which will stimulate new root growth allowing the tree to outgrow any possible insect damage. These techniques are often more desirable than extensive soil pesticides that may or may not cause damage to the environment depending on how they are applied. 

       Considering these different options of Tree Pest Management is one of the benefits to hiring the West Des Moines ISA Certified Arboriculturist fromOlson Tree Care. Outside of our normal routine of providing educated Tree Pruning in Des Moines, we may be able to help you in ways you had not planned increasing the value of your home through advanced techniques practiced in Arboriculture such as Radial Trenching to amend soil composition. 

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