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Tree Storage


       Tree health as defined by Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa is the vigorous expansion of the shoots and roots. These areas havethe ability of apical meristems (ends of root and shoots) to divide and elongate allowing both sections to rebound from deficit by expansion. The storage (xylem) tissue does not have the same benefits. 

       When the trunk, large branches and root diameter increase, it stays increased with no ability to adjust. It’s growth is fluctuated by lateral meristems, but this is not fluctuating the already created space. 

        Reducing production in the apical meristem region is a deadly problem to the storage of a tree. If the storage tank is not continuing to be used fully, it is dying. 

        Understanding this simple relationship can allow a Des Moines Arborist to provide effective Consultation

        Common Tree Services that are detrimental to Tree Storage.... 

       1. Tree Trimming (reduction in foliage is not good for a tree) 

       2. Tree Fertilization (increasing production in the apical meristem region sets the tree up for decline later) Although fertilizer is good in certain situations, overall the use can be detrimental. 

       3. Hardscaping, landscaping, weed barriers and other disruption to root zone. 

       While the meristems can overcome, the Tree Storage cannot.

Tree Storage

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