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   Olson Tree Care​​​  

Diagnostic and Consulting Tree Care Arborist.

Winter Tree Pruning


Many Tree Services widely referenced that Winter Tree Pruning is good (visible structure, reduced pest activity, increased reaction time, maximum growing season) but never do we hear the real reason. To properly care for trees, Olson Tree Care looks no further than how trees care for themselves.

       The #1 reason to trim a tree in winter... 

       - Winter Tree Pruning is in close relation to the naturally timed pruning that trees do.

       The trees elimination of poorly performing branches is most times well under way towards the end of the growing season. While translocation of resources may continue, the process of natural branch pruning is most times complete by spring. 

       The Arborist at Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has found it critical that our Tree Trimming Techniques closely mirror this process.

       Many other factors are considered by the tree, raising one concern for our Winter Tree Pruning.

       - If an Arborist lacks tree history or foliage reducing it will reduce the ability to properly prune. Failure of a Tree Service, to investigate tree history, reduces the ability for proper tree care.

Winter trimming provides many benefits

Winter Pruning

Visible structure, reduced pests and increased growing season.

Trees naturally prune in Winter

Trimming in Winter

Natures choice