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Tree Cabling


       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa is not the biggest proponent of Tree Cabling. In our Arborist experience, cabling trees is often used as a medicinal treatment to soothe the tree owners fears by many Tree Services. Concerns of the tree owner should not be preyed upon for profit, but should be counseled by an ISA Certified Arborist Consultation.

        Lean is common with trees and their response growth has no limits. Tree Cabling has limits. If a tree owner expresses fear, the correct answer should be advanced Arborist Evaluation along with monitoring of the lean. Should the lean change in angle (failure), or results from assessment increase the risk of failure (tree crack/decay), then cabling may be the correct recommendation. 

       Take for instance a river birch (Betula nigra) that had a low tensile strength system previously installed. The eye bolt that was once a circle bent into a C shape leaving the tree owner in a high risk situation. 

Arborist Evaluation and Recommendation 

- High Tensile Strength Tree Cabling System.

       In this case we used 3/8 in. 7 strand aircraft cable in combination with a wedge grip dead end. 

      Tree Cabling, when done in the appropriate situations by a ISA Certified Arborists Tree Service, is a great benefit to the tree and tree owner.

Bending metal that has a low tensile strength

Tree Cable Amateur

Low tensile strength system

Aircraft cable 14,000 lb tensile strength

Tree Cabling Arborist

High tensile strength system