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Metal Contamination


       Metal Contamination of Trees is a problem with todays culture, believing lumber and a tree are one and the same. What else should we expect? 

       With generations of using trees as a tool, the belief is ingrained into our society that a tree is wood. (Not viewed as a living organism by some) Combating this belief comes through education of Des Moines Arborist as to the detriments of tree abuse. 

       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa came across the tree below during an Arborist Consultation. The owner of the tree believed it was hit by lightning, with the charge running to the fixture and then traveling to the heart of the tree. After having viewed the after effects of over 100 lightning strikes on trees, the Arborist at Olson Tree Care believes it to be more likely that the tree crack above the fixture was caused by metal contamination. 

       Either way.... the Metal was a detriment.  

       Metal in trees has the following negative effects.


       1. Girdling/Strangling 

       2. Cellular Growth Disruption 

       3. Vascular Disruption 

       4. Decay 

       5. Structural weakness 

       6. Contamination

Metal in Trees

Photo Credit to Duncan Slater PHD

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