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Tree Cluster Planting

           Tree Cluster Planting is a Nature-Based Climate solution that assists with carbon sequestration, environmental filtration and biodiversity.

       Lidar data shows that evenly spaced tree canopies have little effect on cooling urban heat islands like Des Moines, Iowa. The truth is that large buildings do a better job of cooling than evenly Spaced Trees. Meanwhile Tree Clusters Planting cools both soil and air temperatures effectively during hottest hours.

Tree Cluster Planting advantages.

1. Lowered soil temps.

2. Lowered air temps.

3. Biomechanics.

4. Soil moisture retention.

5. Wildlife Habitat enhancement.

6. Root grafting.

7. Increased plant vigor.

8. Protection of permeable surfaces.

9. Soil health.

10. Increased uptake.

11. Drought tolerance.

12. Storm water runoff retention.

       Urban Forest is defined as a densely wooded area located in a city. Most Tree Planting specifications are using the secondary informal definition of the word dense. Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has developed the most scientific Tree Planting technique available.

       In order for Tree Services and Local Des Moines Arborists to develop climax communities we must closely examine forest succession, not primary forests.

       The Arboriculturist at Olson Tree Care in West Des Moines, Iowa needed look no further than his Tree Service experience with wildfires in the southwest and unused farmland in the Midwest. In both environments the way to a climax community was through closely propagated tree clusters that are species specific. Competition provides correctly timed spacing.

Tree Cluster Planting

- The installation of species specific clusters that are spaced among other diverse clusters.

       Plant 3-5 small trees that are the same species within 25 square feet. Then plant other clusters of different species (each cluster specific) spaced about 15 feet away from other clusters to avoid species dominance.

       Implementation of this technique can be achieved with a Consultation by an ISA Certified Tree Service

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