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Tree Adaptation

       Understanding Tree Adaptation is a requirement of a being a good Arborist in Des Moines, Iowa. Often Des Moines Tree Services become stagnant having developed a concrete or resolute opinion on a subject related to trees. As soon as they do, the tree will defy perception. “Trees know how to be trees better than people know how to be trees” 

       Take for instance these sugar maples (Acer saccharam) that Olson Tree Care came across on a recent Consultation. The Tree Adaptation is in the process of overcoming erosion and poor planting. The roots appear to be developing a hard plate like structure to slow down erosion and limit the dieback of fibrous roots. It is nothing short of miraculous. 

       This reminded us of an old saying “plant them high, and they wont die”. The Arborist saying this has a concrete or resolute opinion about planting that is based on limited data due to local environment and observations. 

       Trees do not live by observation or data, they live by life or death. Reaction to the forces that come against them is critical to survival, and so for Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa reading a Trees Adaptation is critical to understanding each tree.

Tree Adaptation

Tree Ability to Adjust

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