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Tree Risk Assessment

       Tree Risk Assessment is a process used by Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa to assess a risk of a tree. 

       Tree Risk Assessment makes observations of the potential targets, site conditions, Tree structure and the loads the tree may come in contact with. The Des Moines Arborist then records observations, analyzes the data and categorizes the findings. After careful evaluation of the risk level, mitigation options are developed and submitted by the Arboriculturist in a report to the client.

Arborist Tree Service
Arborist Tree Service

There are three levels of Tree Risk Assessment utilized by Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa.

       Level One - Limited visual assessment. ($295+ plus tax)

       This would include a walkthrough or driving by and looking at a tree inventory. From this walkthrough a recommended list of trees for escalation to a level two will be developed. 

       Level Two - Basic Visual Assessment. ($150 per tree, plus tax)

       This would provide a basic ground inspection of the tree using common tools in an arborist bag such as sounding mallet, measuring devices etc. From this, mitigation options and advanced assessment recommendations will be developed.

       Level Three - Advanced Assessment.  ($350+ plus tax)

       This could include any of the following; aerial inspection, static pull test, measurement of the lean, detailed weather analysis or laboratory analysis such as foliar/soil analysis.

It is important to remember that the onus still lies on the tree manager (owner).

The law is clear on culpability as evidenced in Gagne v Bertran 1954

“The services of experts are sought because of their special skill. Those who hire such persons are not justified in expecting infallibility but can expect only reasonable care and competence. They purchase service, not insurance.”

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