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Arborist Consultation

       Consultation provides a client with Arboricultural information in relation to a specific question or concern. Generally clients contact Olson Tree Care of Des Moines, Iowa for this service to increase their knowledge of a particular subject. 

       Consultation often assists with planting locations or understanding site conditions that contributed to previous tree decline etc.


       Consultation can also be utilized to understand certain tree species that a client has a large population of on their property. While the Arborist Des Moines commonly uses would not inspect the trees, it could provide specific species profile information that may assist with the longevity and vitality of the Tree Stand.

Arborist Tree Service
Arborist Tree Service

       Specific issues that Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has seen stemming from a consultation has been the evaluation of a dead tree sites trying to speculate as to the cause of death. The cause generally involves suspicion of a neighbors pool runoff or over fertilization burning the roots and killing the tree.

       Consultation can also get into advanced areas such as expert witness analysis stemming from litigation due to malpractice on the part of Tree Service, Residential Tree Owner or Municipality. Olson Tree Care’s advanced services have an increased price point for Expert Analysis.

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