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Ask an Arborist


       Tree Service and Arboriculture is changing at a rapid rate for the Arborist Des Moines, Iowa calls upon. Olson Tree Care wanted to provide you with some of the latest topics in the advanced world of Arboriculture

       Standards Revision is common and taking a look back at Arboriculture it is easy to see that the common Tree Care Des Moines offers, along with the industry as a whole, have a long way to go. Getting there requires scientific research, discussion followed by new conclusions and implementation

       Olson Tree Care hopes to provide you an online reference with some of the latest advancements in Arboriculture, answering some of the common topics that one might ask.

Articles by ISA Certified Arborist Chris Olson

Online Consultation


       ISA Certified Arborist Chris Olson (WE-12363A) based in West Des Moines, Iowa will review pictures and information provided returning you an email response for a cost of 195$ plus tax.


       Just Fill out Online Contact Form, email High Resolution photos to


       This is a Basic 1 Tree Consultation, further testing or information may be recommended and are not included with the initial purchase price. Please provide as much detail as room will allow to receive the best results. (Small pictures will limit success.)


       If you would like an in person Consultation, or an Tree Health Evaluation in Des Moines, Iowa of the commercial or residential tree onsite, please contact us through our Contact form. (limited to service area)

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