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Tree Service Des Moines, Iowa.

What is Tree Service?

       Tree Service is generally defined is "Tree Care that uses various methods practiced in Arboriculture." Those methods include the following.

  • Tree Pruning 

        Tree Pruning is used to describe the act of removing part of a Tree through intentional cutting. This Removal should be administered by a Trained and Properly Equipped Professional in the Field of Arboriculture.  

  • Soil Management 

       Soil Management is best described as the supervision of soil quality and action of amending the soil by addition or subtraction to change the composition. i.e. Changing Nutrients, Pore Space, Horizons, Living Organisms or Material to enhance the soil.   

  • Supplemental Support Systems 

        Supplemental Support Systems in Arboriculture are the Addition of Mechanisms to Assist the Tree with weight due to deficiency or risk. Most common are Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing. 

  • Lightning Protection Systems 

       A Lightning Protection System is the use of conductors on a Tree to prevent or limit the damage from lightning strikes.

  • Integrated Pest Management 

        Integrated Pest Management or IPM in Arboriculture is the control or reduction of pests using techniques such as biological controls (use of other organisms), chemical application (insecticides and fungicides), mechanical manipulation, changing of cultural practices and host resistance through cultivation. 

  • Tree Risk Assessment 

           Tree Risk Assessment is the Assessment of a Trees Structure to identify, analyze and evaluate risk. Treatment varies based on Target and Context consultation of tree owner.

  • Tree Planting  

        Tree Planting in Arboriculture is the moving of trees to a new location using the methods outlined in the ANSI Standard Practices for Transplanting. 

  • Tree Management

      Tree Management is the oversight and administering of practices outlined in Arboriculture by an Arborist to manipulate trees.

What is expected of an Arborist?

       Arborists are generally expected to have a level of education and training as laid out by the ISA Certifications and Tree Services are expected to have the Accreditation and Training of the TCIA. Both organizations contribute to the regulation of Tree Care practices. 

  • TheISA (International Society Arboriculture) Certifies Arborists in a Society with Standards of Conduct, Experience, Education and Testing. Check our Arborist Certification here. 

  • TheTCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) provides training in the many expansive areas of Arboriculture. 

       Here at Olson Tree Care we are proud to beCertified by theISAand have completed Tree Care SpecialistCertificates with the TCIA. This level of Certification is generally the pinnacle of Tree Care and offers a customer the confidence that the highest standards are being sought after in the care of their trees.


Local Tree Services 

  • Tree Pruning 

        Removal of parts of a Tree to improve health, clearance or appearance. Des Moines Tree Pruning Service often are done at different times of the year based on tree type.

  • Tree Pest Management 

       Treatment of common Iowa Tree Pests through Integrated Pest Management. Tree Pest Management in Des Moines keys around Emerald Ash Borer Treatment and a wide variety of Fungal Tree Diseases.

  • Tree Removal 

        Removal of a Tree, due to Damage or Clearing requirement using a variety of Arboriculture techniques. Tree Removal Service in Des Moines is often a result of diseased Trees or Clearing needs and completed by a Tree Surgeon. 

  • Stump Grinding 

        Use of a High-speed disk with carbide teeth that grinds Tree Stumps into chips. Des Moines Stump Grinding often is a Tree Service utilized long after the Removal of a Tree has taken place.

       Olson Tree Care has developed a customer first Tree Service. With an ISA Certified Arborist on staff you can trust that the broad spectrum of Arboriculture is fully understood. If the answer to your question is not in hand we know how to find it and will utilize our available resources in Arboriculture or refer you to someone who can help.

       Most Tree Pruning Services in Des Moines, Iowa will consist of the above but some may practice as barbaric “Tree Trimmers”. It is our hope to offer you specialized servicing of your tree while developing a relationship of trust. Over time we expect to remember you, your trees and your needs as well as we remember our own. Tree Pruning and Tree Services all start with a Tree Health Evaluation or Arborist Consultation.

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