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Tree Surgery


       What is Tree Surgery? Often Tree Services and Des Moines Arborists advertise "Tree Surgeon" but are they a surgeon? Does implementation of Tree Pruning Techniques make one a surgeon?

       Olson Tree Care admits that if a Des Moines Arborist is trained and professional in the removal of those tree parts then the answer may be yes. But there is a real Tree Surgery that takes place, on rare occasions, by ISA Certified Arborists. 

       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has performed Tree Surgery on a number of occasions, one referenced below. If your tree has oozing sap it may be Gummosis and Tree Surgery may be required.


       With a few scrapes of the chisel Olson Tree Care removes the sap and squishy bark, revealing a hole of decay in the tree. After removing the diseased bark and sapwood we then sprays the tree with a bactericide and flashes the tree with a torch drying the area. This leaves the tree in the best condition to complete CODIT process on the open wound.

This would be a proper example of Tree Surgery.

Surgery on tree by ISA Arborist Chris Olson
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