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Grow Tubes for Trees


       Grow Tubes for Trees, are they a good human intervention? 

       While Grow Tubes for Trees gain in popularity, the verdict still may be out as to the effectiveness in creating a vigorous tree population. 

       Here are a few of the factors that the Arborist at Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has noticed. 

       Grow tube benefits. 

       1. Grows trees upright in small spaces. 

       2. Protects against animal and mechanical damage. 

       3. Restricts the need for lower branch removal (limiting societal detriments) 

       4. Allows the planting of seedlings. (Smaller starting trees often have a natural root establishment limiting containerized and transplanted tree defects)


       Grow tube detriments. 

       1. Wind rubbing wounds once the tree has cleared the tube. 

       2. Possible interruption of reaction wood if not removed in a timely manner. 

       3. Absence of the lower branches effect uptake, wind load dynamics etc. Unknown effects from the lower branch restriction, post grow tube removal. (Does the tree end up developing less vigorous lower branches? This may be greatly effected by the species profile?) 

       Des Moines Arboristprofessional opinion.

       Grow Tubes for Trees are a great asset in the right situation if properly maintained. With the human error factor considered, Tree Benefits could be outweighed by the detriments.

Grow Tubes for Trees

Grow Tube Tree Damage

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