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How do you water a tree?

How do you water a treeQuantifiable Tree Watering developed for residential applications by Des Moines Arborist Chris Olson.

       Urban Tree Watering utilizes a variety of water harvesting techniques to assist with water shortages and offset the usage of potable water.

Quantifiable Tree Watering is the best form of water conservation for Des Moines, Iowa.


- regulates frequency


- regulates volume


- regulates duration

       With this formula developed by Tree Care Arborist Chris Olson we can determine the amount, frequency and duration that an Urban Tree needs to be watered.

Tree Services, Homeowners and Nurseries combined can benefit from this quantifiable method developed right here in Des Moines, Iowa by Olson Tree Care. The graphs can evenly fluctuate by percentage to accommodate for rainfall or environmental variance.​ 

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