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Battery Powered Chainsaws


       We are proud to announce that Battery Powered Chainsaws are used at Olson Tree Care! 

       Olson Tree Care is not a proponent for any brand of chainsaw (but having owned 100 Stihls we may be partial). During our 2020 visit to the ISA International Conference (chat rooms) it became evident that the stigma by other Tree Services on Battery Powered Chainsaws is limiting the progression. 

       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa wanted to celebrate what we consider to be the first Professional Battery Powered Arborist Chainsaw on the market. For several years other Tree Service Companies have been telling us to make the switch, but we were skeptics. So we bought the T535i XP and had our fears rewarded. Having invested in batteries, charger, pole saw and blower, we thought “This will work”. So, Olson Tree Care went on back order for the new Husqvarna T540i XP and waited 3 months to get it. Finally our Battery Powered Chainsaw came in and WOW! Our gas Stihl 201T's are on a shelf and will never return (along with the T535i XP). This new T540i XP has power with a 16” bar that cuts logs the same. 

       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has put it through the paces on big trees and we are impressed at every turn. 

       Battery Powered Chainsaw Advantages. 

       - Great battery life (300) 

       - Quick recharge. 

       - Power compares to 40cc. 

       - NO PULL CORD! 

       - NO EMISSIONS! 

       - Low NOISE! 


       Battery Powered Chainsaw Disadvantages. 

       - Performs best with only new Husqvarna chain. (No Oregon chain)

Battery Powered Chainsaw

Battery Powered Saw

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