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Progress in Arboriculture

Arboriculture Education

Progress in Arboriculture


       As Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa expands our understanding of Arboriculture worldwide it continues to be evident the parts of the United States may be lacking in a stable population capable of Group Knowledge required for Progress in Arboriculture

       In a good year only 10% of our population moves... if we do the math, in a short amount of time our local populations switch to some degree or another depending on location. (There are some stable populations in the US) In such a large area this makes it difficult for those in Tree Service to gain traction with the Progress of Arboriculture

       What are some of the contributing factors to change?

       - Make ANSI Standards readily accessible to public. 

       - Youth education in the area of Arboriculture techniques and Tree Worker trade schools. 

       - Assistance from USDA when it comes to urban Forestry. 

       - Put standards in place for profit driven industries. This includes nurseries, retailers and tree workers. 

       - Demand the Municipalities that are driving city Tree Service campaigns based on their Des Moines Arborist and defer to local professionals in the field practicing the latest research based techniques. (No more cutting down trees due to budget concerns, see Florida's new Laws on respecting ISA Certified Arborist Tree Health Evaluation)

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