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Online Arborist


       Online Services are the way of the future and we at Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa wanted to provide you with an Online option for your tree.


      ISA Certified Arboriculturist Chris Olson (WE-12363A) of Olson Tree Care would be happy to respond to your order providing you with a basic online consultation or an evaluation. 


       Just fill out the Contact Form below and email High Resolution photos to 


       Cost of 195$ plus tax covers a Basic 1 Tree Consultation, further testing or information may be recommended and are not included with the initial purchase price. 


       This form is for Online Consultations only, if you are in our service area and would like the highest level of residential Tree Care Des Moines, Iowa has available please see our Contact page for services.  


Email Address*

Tree Species

Concerns about your Tree

Tree Age

Tree Height

DBH (diameter of tree trunk at 4' high)

Targets within 1 1/2 times the height of tree?

Visible decay

History of the Tree. (pruning, care, nearby site changes)


Physical Address

7 Benefits of Online Consulting


       1. Receiving a second opinion. 

       - Receiving a second opinion to an already scheduled or future Des Moines Tree Service may offer valuable insight.

       2. Saving money.

       - Often the "less expensive" Tree Service removes more tree part, damaging the tree. Having a little sound advice from the Arboriculturist at Olson Tree Care can limit the expense and damage of your tree.

       3. Learning more.

       - Adding decades of knowledge and experience can get you up to speed quickly.

       4. Finding direction.

       - Online Consultation may better equip you to go in the right direction. Being the Trees Manager, you need as much information as possible to choose the correct services.

       5. Honest Advice.

       - A big detractor to having a Tree Care company out is that you risk receiving the advice that may be beneficial to the one giving it. Paying for an Online Consultation with no strings attached eliminates this risk greatly.

       6. No Hassles.

       - Setting up an appointment, being home at the time of appointment, rescheduling and all of the other things associated with in person meeting are eliminated with an Online Consultation by Olson Tree Care.

       7. No Contact.

       - This speaks for itself in a post COVID era.

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