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Tree Planting

       Olson Tree Care does not have a Residential Tree Planting Service in Des Moines, Iowa. Arborist Consultations are available within our service area so that you may ascertain the best planting practices.

Best Tree Planting practices in Des Moines, Iowa.

       1. Dig less than depth of root ball.

       2. Leave tree root collar above grade. (See table below, elevated installations promote tree vigor and healthy root arrangements.)

       3. Amend soil beside root ball.

       4. Mulch over amended soil.

       5. Water tree aggressively. (See our Quantifiable Tree Watering Graph and use the decline category for duration. Slow watering is required initially to penetrate root mass and total soil saturation recommended on first watering.)

The Des Moines Arborist drawing below depicts a planting height of 3-4” which is recommended for a medium tree.

Tree Planting size to elevation ratio.

Small = 1-2” above grade

Medium = 3-4” above grade

Large = 5-6” above grade

       Silty clay loam with established O horizons are suitable for elevated tree installation. Sandy clay loam may be better suited for traditional grade planting. Call or email Olson Tree Care’s Professional Tree Service in Des Moines, Iowa to determine your site conditions.

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