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Tree Removal Des Moines, Iowa

Tree Removal Des Moines

      Tree Removal in Des Moines can be caused by reduced vigor leading to decline due to Abiotic or Biotic damage.  When this occurs, Tree Removal seems to be the logical suggestion provided to a tree owner by a Des Moines Tree Service.

       With a Certified Arborist on staff we can assess if a Tree Care Plan is possible which could change your Tree Removal need into Tree Pruning

10 Reasons to not Remove your Tree

1. Clean Air. 

       Trees our the Lungs of the planet helping with many different type of gas exchanges. 

2. Reduce Temperates and cool environment through evaporation. 

       Not only does shaded ground not heat up the transpiration on the leafs surface can often reduce temps and in some cases create rainfall.

3. Increased Soil Microbes and beneficial rhizosphere. 

       Trees have been known to feed others around them sometimes keeping old stumps alive known as the Wood Wide Web along with organic droppings that mineralize.

4. Flood Reduction and Erosion Control. 

       1 large tree can hold 100 or more gallons of rainfall in its canopy. In addition when you factor source to sink in the root zone you find that rainfall is better harnessed with trees.

5. Habitat for Wildlife. 

       Many animals rely on trees for a multitude of ways such as nesting and food.

6. Happiness. 

       It is proven that Trees make people happy. Cities with established tree canopies on average suffer less crime. In addition trees lower blood pressure, increase learning and help with emotional stability.

7. Wind Break. 

       Trees can buffer homes from strait line winds, and act as a natural burier for snow. These benefits can reduce future costs.

8. Increased Property Value. 

       A property with trees on average sells for approximately 25% more than the same property with no trees. The benefits we are listing show up in the form of dollars in resale.

9. Noise cancelation/Privacy. 

       While some like chaos, a few of us enjoy peace and quite. Trees are a great barrier that can reduce noise by 6 to 15 decibels approximately.

10. Trees heat homes, build homes and provide many of the products we use today. 

       With a wide variety of uses Trees are as valuable to the planet as water.

Tree Inventory

Tree Planting Tips.

       Below are a few simple steps you can take after your Tree Removal Service in Des Moines, Iowa. Planting trees provides future benefits to generations that we may never see. Correctly Planting a Tree directly effects the odds of a Tree making it to maturity and at the same time can secure your investment reducing the risk of wasted resources.

1. Season

- The best time to plant is after last freeze and before summer begins.

2. Hole Size

- Dig the hole 2 to 3 times the size of container and only to the depth of the root ball. Sides need to be sloped in towards the center. (5 times bigger and amended for poor soil)

3. Amend Soil

- Very little Planting mix used as turned rich topsoil is sufficient (If you find the presence of clay you may want to amend or replace with rich topsoil)

4. Root collar height

- Planting a little above grade is ok with small trees. (generally midwest soil sinks and settles a little bit filling pore space)

5. Mulch

- Mulch the tree. Protect trunk from mulch sitting against the base as this will prevent later decay in the trees mature life. When Planting a Tree in the Midwest it is important not to scratch the trunk. Small trunk scratches can turn into rot and decay as the absence of cork bark leaves the tree vulnerable.

6. Plant Starter

- Feed with Vitamin B-1 based Plant Starting Solution a couple times in the first month.

7. Water Frequently

- Water tree for the first year or two during hot and dry times. It takes time for the tree to develop a root system and initially the tree is not able to care for itself with a 1 foot root ball.

8. Pay Attention

- Watch the leaves. Arborist Diagnosis starts with leaf inspection. Evidence of Curling, Discolorations, Burning or Die Back, Small Leaves, Dropping Leaves and more can be evidence of many different kinds of Abiotic and Biotic Disorders. The most common stressor in the first year is going to be watering excess or insufficiencies. 


       Understanding Tree Benefits


       Understanding a Trees benefits and ability to do a professional Tree Risk Assessment is essential to providing Tree Removal in Des Moines, Iowa. While a simple solution is often to "cut it down" the long term consequences can be staggering when you factor in the loss of benefits. While most of us Remove a Tree when when needed, it is often nice to have the information up front as to whether tree needs to be removed.

       An Arborists ability to make this decision and properly inform the Tree Owner is based solely on the amount of education and on the job experience combined with IQ. 

       Here at Olson Tree Care we pride ourselves in telling the truth whether it benefits us or not. We treat your trees and property as if they were our own and in doing this hope to create a trusting relationship that you can count on for years to come.

Call for your Free Estimate!


    Are you curious on how much your Tree Pruning may cost? 

       Call today and we will set up a time top come by and take a look at your project. Olson Tree Care specialized in hazardous Tree Removal for many years boasting over 5,000 problem trees successfully removed by Crane without an accident or insurance claim. With this said, we have advanced our craft, over the years, through education and training with the TCIA and ISA

       We now are providing the latest in Tree Pruning. Our overall goal is to develop a relationship with those we work for and bring them the latest in the study of arboriculture when it comes to the care of Trees in Iowa. Olson Tree Care offers the unique techniques that have been tested for years while implementing the latest in Tree Removal Service for Des Moines.

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